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Portable Cool Rooms / Mobile Coolrooms

Transportable, portable cool rooms in Perth WA. 
We can custom design these mobile cool rooms to fit onto your trailer, ute, trucks etc…
These refrigerated cool rooms are perfect for food deliveries and catering transport businesses. 

They are extremely durable, are built here in Western Australia, to cope with Australian conditions.

Convenience: These mobile refrigerated cool rooms can be lifted on and off your vehicle or location using a forklift or hiab.

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Fitted with a 240volt Eidis refrigeration system which can reach temperatures of -18°C!

If you are looking for a mobile cool room or transportable Freezer in Perth? Are you looking for something that is fully transportable? These mobile coolrooms are built right here in Perth and so are the refrigerated cooling systems. 

We have transportable cool rooms that can be lifted onto your ute, trailer or truck with a hiab or forklift and we can custom design to your vehicle or purpose specifications. Contact Refrigerated Transport Services in Wangara, WA today. 

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This is the best place to buy a portable cool room or transportable freezer in Perth!